Thursday, 10 March 2011

LasKaR PeLanGi-MimPi...

Today...Hari ini...I watched this movie "Laskar Pelangi". This movie is actually about anak-anak miskin yang nak sangat belajar. Dari keluarga yang miskin, anak-anak kecil itu datang ke sekolah hanya untuk menuntut ilmu. Walaupun dengan sekolah yang tak cukup lengkap, atap-atap zink dan dinding-dinding yang dah bocor. These kids still gigih menuntut ilmu. I am not gonna talk bout the movie anyway. You guys gotta watch this movie. STRONGLY RECOMMENDED!!!

This movie really reminds me when i was still looking for something called "ilmu". Aku bukan datang dari family yang senang. My dad was a lorry driver je last time. My mother, before she became a secretary, she was a cleaner je. Definitely i am not from rich family kan. However, i was quite fortunate because my parents still send me to school no matter how hard it was last time. I remember first day at school, i was crying to my mother. I said "mama! jangan pergi! takut!". Maklum la first time kan pegi sekolah!. Then she said to me "mau pandai mesti pegi sekolah, mama tengok dari situ ya". First day at school was horrible!!! My mother was standing at the corner and watched her lil boy!! aaaaahhhh those memories ^_^ thank you mama!!!

Yeah!! after that, i have to be independant. Both of my parents were working at that time. So everyday, kalau nak pegi sekolah i have to prepare everything by myself. Sometimes, pagi-pagi tu malas giler nak pegi sekolah. My father was very strict last time "mau jadi apa kau! nda pigi skulah! kau ingat kita ini urang kaya!" then he will drag me to the shower! ahahahaha!! mengigil kesejukan kene simbah air pagi-pagi buta!! LOL!!! Nak pegi sekolah plak masa tu kene jalan kaki. How old i was that time! 7 years old!

There's a time my family agak-agak sesak juga lah. Parents masa tu dengan gaji yang sikit still have to think bout their kids. Kadang-kadang takde baju sekolah baru, kasut baru, beg baru etc lah yang baru-baru semua takde. So tengok jelah budak-budak yang pakai bende baru ni. There was been a couple difficult times in my family. One of them, bila api kene potong! i think about 2 weeks juga lah bergelap. So nak belajar kene la pakai lilin. My mother told me when i refuse to do my school homework because there were no lights at all!! i macam ala-ala merajuk to my father because he tak bayar bill!!. Mama said "Nak, biarlah apa orang mau pikir. Jangan malu, kita orang susah. Belajar ja ya nak." 

I remember there was once i told my mother when i saw the big aeroplane(my house dekat dengan airport!), i said "mama, nanti adit mau naik kapal pegi luar negeri" then she replied "nah, kalau adit mau naik kapal mesti belajar betul-betul tau!" and she smiles at me. I did study damn hard because at that time my dream was to be in the  aeroplane!. Well, my SPM wasn't that gempak but its enough for me to get the an offer to pursue my diploma in UiTM at Dungun Terengganu!. WOW!! i was so damn happy! finally i get a chance to be inside the aeroplane!! but yeah!! tiket flight masa tuh mahal kot. Mana ada AirAsia lagi masa tuh. So yeah! my parents only bought one ticket for me. I know they did struggle to get the money for me to pursue my study. I went to UiTM ALONE!! (again i cried!!). The feeling was exactly the same like my first day at school. The different is  my mother wasn't there standing at the corner watch her lil boy. I promise to myself at that point of time, I'm gonna be "someone" and make my parents proud of me.

Four years ago i manage to finish my study on time and got a job which is comfortable enough to help my parents. Yeah!! remember i told my mother "mau naik kapal, mau pegi luar negeri". Bapak, Mama, BECAUSE OF YOU i have been to luar negeri!!. London! New York!! Los Angeles!! Tokyo!!. It is all BECAUSE OF YOU!!!. And yeah!! It is my turn now to support the family including my sisters study. I even remind all my sisters "jangan risau pasal duit,yang penting belajar". One of them now finish her study in Civil engeneering. The other two now are pursuing their diploma in "Ukur tanah" and "Hotel management". The youngest, still in high school. To be honest, i can't be like my parents. NOT even close!!! Only God knows how hard it was to raise their kids and send them to school just to get an education. 

Well, this is like part of me that i want to share. Betapa susah nya Bapak and Mama hantar aku pegi mencari ilmu dan mengejar mimpi!. Aku still rasa bertuah dan bersyukur, setidak-tidak nya i was quite fortunate sebab takde la sesusah macam dalam movie Laskar Pelangi tuh. But then, moral nya jangan pernah penat atau give up untuk ilmu. Sesusah macam mana pun, dengan ilmu lah kita cuba untuk mengejar mimpi. Cari lah ilmu itu dengan ikhlas.

P/S "Kecerdasan itu Tidak Diukur Dengan Nilai-Nilai atau pun Angka-Angka...Tapi Dari Hati"

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

I'm Gonna Miss Her...

3 years back I met this girl and I had a chance to work with her also! Yeah i was still very new at that time. I remember i told her i am still very new in this area. She said "Tenang aja!" means relax! calm down okay!..well of course i messed up everything! what do you expect! i was still new!..there's one funny thing happened though. But yeah! I'm gonna keep it like my dirty lil secret! hiks~. After that we become so close! 

Her name is Novi. She was born on Nov the 1st. Very pretty girl! elegant!. I always adore her! the way she dressed up, the way she carry herself!. Whenever we have a chance to meet up, she never fail to impress me!. With that Chanel bag and earrings!, with the heels! the hair! the make up! accessories!. If you ask her to wear the batik pun she will absolutely look gorgeous!. "Cantik sekali kamu"...I always say that to her. Then, she will reply me "Ahh!..masa sih!" ^_^...BUT YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL NOVI!!!

I think both of us have a chemistry. As a friend, she will be there for you. I always know that! So whatever happen to me, she will be among the first one to know. In fact! sometimes, she will the first one i will run to. Because, i know she will be there for me no matter what!. We do share stories, gossiping! and yes! WINE AND DINE!!!..Thats our favorite things to do whenever we got a chance! WE BOTH KNOWS HOW TO HAVE FUN!!. 

Like me, she is very direct as well. She knows how to say things, at the right time. However, do not ever! EVER! step on her toes! she knows how to cut, slice and dice you with her language!. Trust me that is what i like the most about her!. Oh yeah! she can cook as well. Gosh! whenever she cook, i will ask for more!! like pepsi!! LOL!!!

There's different side of her which i find it very cute! She collects Barbies!!! ahahahaha...yeah she is! But who cares right!! . I don't know how may barbies she collected! but i'm sure its P.L.E.N.T.Y!!!

Now come the sad part!. Most probably, she will leave this job soon!. Well yeah! she's still gonna be around though! but yeah, i don't know! it's kinda sad when someone that you used to work with is going to leave and i'm out here on my own soon!. Well, at the same time i'm glad. At least, she still gonna be around! So King Johnny (her husband ^_^). I am 100% sure you going to take care of  your Queen Novi. LOL!!!

To Novi! If you ever read this which i am sure you will. Because, i am gonna tell you that i write something for you after i finish this! LOL!!!. You are not just a best friend to me,  not just a sister!! you are more than that!!. They might ask me "how could you write nice and cool stuff about someone?". Well, she is cool and fun! They can say W.T.F from saturday to sunday or all the weekdays to me!! but i don't care!!. Dude! she's fun to hang out with!! So Novi, I wish you luck and happiness!! you've proven not only to me,but to EVERYBODY!! that you are the "Best Friend" ever! Muachhh to you! Its time for you to take a good care of King Johnny! ^_^

Monday, 7 March 2011


First of all...i would like to thank renji and andre...ngee~ thanks erk for helping me with this thing...yelah saya budak baru belajar. So yeah! thanks a lot ^_^

OK! this time I would like to touch about smile. Today, when i went to work i saw this lady. Tengah dia jalan tuh dia tengah do something with her phone la, which i don't know what la kan. It's absolutely none of my business pun. Anyway, tiba2 dia tengok I. So, I pun senyum lah. I mean that's the normal thing we will do pun kalau ada yang tiber2 tengok kiter kan. I pun smile la kat minah ni. Then, alamak! she gave me this fake smile. I can see all the wrinkles from her face. Gaduh dengan laki ke ape! But it's okay la. I just walk off!

After that, time keje, off course lah rushing kan. Semua nak siap cepat. Then, one of my colleagues ni pun sama juga. Lerrrrr! what's wrong with all these people. Smile is one of the important my job! still ade juga giving fake smile. We all know! We all can see kan! whether someone ni faking their smile or not! is either they don't like you or they don't like you! tapi terpaksa la jugak smile kan sebab working together!. It annoys me when the rest are having fun doin their stuff, tiber2 ade plak giving attitude. If let say I ni billionaire, i kasi je 1 million to these people and ask them to do plastic surgery and fix that smile because it's not HOT at all!! You look like a girl who got chased by a vampire, but you have to smile because that vampire is Edward Cullen. LOL!! 

Sunday, 6 March 2011

HeLLO ^_^


GosH!!! I can't believe i am actually doing this thing (Blogging).... Maybe dah takde keje kot. do i start this...perhaps i should start bout myself...Damn!! this is like last time during school. Remember there are girls like to give you the small lil cute book. Ask you to write bout urself..the "BIODATA" thingy!!! ahahaha...what a cute memories kan. Anyway lets get it started....

  1. First. Lemme Intro2 myself. Nama I Adit Jerin. Well I was born on June 13 kat Queen Elizabeth Hospital Kota Kinabalu. Yes! I am Sabahan. Orang Kampung Pasir Putih Putatan. My Dad dah tak keje. Pencen dah! hihi. My mom secretary je. 
  2. I ni Berbangsa Bajau. Sebab my father is Bajau. My mom actually ade mix dengan Pakistanese. But i never consider myself as a mix blood pun. Coz we have to follow our dad kan. So kalau orang tanya. I cakap I Bajau je and I am very proud of that. Most of us might think that orang kat Sabah tu Non-Muslim. But semua Bajau tu beragama Islam. So I am Muslim.
  3. What else erk. Oh yeah! dulu I study kat UiTM je. Manage to finish my Degree on time even though I was struggling la that time. I don't care berapa la pointer as long as I finish it on time dah cukup!.  But darn! i didnt attend my graduation day coz that time I dah start keje. 
  4. Now! Talking bout work. I keje biase2 je. For those yang tau tu...tau la kan. Well keje I ni bagi orang makan je. Tak susah sangat pun. However, It will become so difficult if I have to deal with those difficult one.  It will be a challenge to deal with them. Patience plays the most important part of it. So no matter how hard it is. SMILE je ^_^ 
  5. What I like?. Actually tak terkira kot. Banyak giler mende yang i suke. Basically, I am very homey kinda guy. I don't really like to be in crowds. So kalau ada orang ajak I tengok movie I will think bout it so many times. If let say i am free I will go out and shop! Eat! Lepak! Surfing!.
I think that's bout it lah for now. Too much of info pun tak bleh juga kan. So some of it I have to keep.  Hak cipta terpelihara kan. Ahahaha!..I think for a beginner like me. I don't have to write a lot of stuff. For those who read this thing. I am so sorry i didn't use proper language. Mix it with Malay and English. But yeah! My English is sucks! i refuse to write in English. Again, my sincere apologies...waaah! So yeah...that's about it for now...I hope i can update this thing regularly. Enjoy!